1. How can you customize our battery packs?
Contact our professional salesperson. Please provide the battery data request like the voltage, capacity, application, dimension, and other special requests.
2. What is the brand of cells you use?
To ensure battery quality,70% of our battery packs are made by Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. The left 30% are made of Chinese Grade A cells which have high performance, high discharge rate, and low resistance and are used for electric cars but we use these cells for your application.
3. Can you offer the certificates for our battery packs?
Every year we make some regular battery pack certificates. But most of our battery packs are customized for you and our other customers. In this case, we can help you to get the certificate’s approvals but if your order quantities reach, we will return the certificates.
4. What is your MOQ? 
If the materials of your battery are regular, NO MOQ but we only provide our battery packs for commercial use. But if the materials of your batteries are customized, we have the MOQ limit. More details please discuss future.
5. Can you offer chargers?
Yes, we can offer the matched charger for your battery. We can provide the charger which you can sell in your country.
6. What is the warranty of your battery packs?
The warranty of our battery packs is one year. If you become our VIP, you can get extra months.