KESHEE Battery specializes in manufacturing lithium batteries and has decades of experience in the industry. We provide customization, OEM and ODM, battery assembly, preventive maintenance, and other services. Lithium iron phosphate batteries, energy storage battery packs, and portable power supplies are our main products.

Our Factory


Why Choose Us

KESHEE Battery has much experience in designing battery packs for different industries. We are always seeking advanced battery technology. If you have a new idea that will change the world, please contact us. We can provide OEM and ODM services.

Professional Team
Professional Team
Our sales team with excellent skills in communication, battery-pack solution offer, international sales, and service. So you can get the best battery pack solution at a reasonable price. At the same time, you take a few risks to get the battery packs with our transport advice.
Quality Control
Quality Control
We control each production process and our QC system has all the records of each production process to keep each product meeting the criteria. You can get all the records from us which can help you to get the trust of your customers or your partners. Feel free to contact us.
R&D Capacity
R&D Capacity
KESHEE owns the most advanced domestic automatic production equipment. Our boss leads our R&D team. And our engineering director with 10 years of experience in BMS design in software and hardware. You can let your products realize with UART and CANBUS communication.

Our Mission

Reduce the cost of the custom battery industry

Improve the efficiency of the custom battery industry

Promote the custom battery industry's development

Reduce social costs while promoting social advancement

Move toward internationalization by integrating into the global custom battery supply chain, value chain, and innovation chain


KESHEE continuously gears its activities to sustain profitable growth. However, we can only achieve economic success in the long term if we also bear in mind ecological and social aspects and anchor them firmly in our company. Our understanding of sustainability is a triad of economy, ecology, and corporate social responsibility.