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The discharge characteristics of LiFepO4 battery is similar to that of a lead-acid battery. This mean that the LiFePo4 battery can replace the lead-acid battery.

Recycled power lithium batteries can continue to be plugged into solar energy storage and wind energy storage to store electrical energy, thereby reducing the price of lithium batteries. KESHEE's batteries can provide the best battery solution based on the customer's specifications.

This includes solar panel chargers, rechargeable batteries, deep cycle batteries, solar cells, solar panel batteries, battery storage, lead batteries, etc.

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For years, many people saw energy storage as a novelty or the preserve of people living off-grid. Now technological developments and the growth of domestic renewable energy mean this is an area with big potential. Energy storage works well with the idea of the ‘smart home’. Many smart storage systems allow you to keep track of your energy use online and charge the batteries with low rate electricity from the grid if you’re on a tariff that is cheaper at certain times of day. We’re starting to see energy storage playing a role in smart energy management at the grid level. In the future, we could see people using their energy storage devices, including hot water cylinders, to store excess electricity, in return for preferential rates.

Compact Size Easy Installation
Accessed Power Management
Longer Cycle Life
Support 16 Units in Series

Customization Strength

  • 4 battery production line, monthly capacity of 20,000 sets

  • Strictly implement the product aging standards in the ISO9001 quality management system

  • We have gained international certificates such as UL, CE, UN38.3, MSDS, IEC, CB, ROHS, etc.


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