Sustainability means designing and manufacturing defect-free, durable products that provide years of performance. We continue to make the type of products that our customers have learned to rely on through a deep quality-centered culture and relentless continuous improvement initiatives.


The centerpiece of our commitment to the environment is found in our closed-loop approach to environmental protection. Our sophisticated recycling facility processes approximately 30,000 batteries per day – recycling virtually 100% of each spent battery received for processing.

Sustainable Development Goals-Carbon Reduction

  • BY 2025

    The energy consumption target is to reduce electricity consumption by 15% from 2016 levels in order to improve energy efficiency. 50% of electricity consumption will be provided by renewable energy sources.

  • BY 2030

    Climate neutrality will be reached through the use of renewable energy. The remaining power consumption will be compensated by Green Certificate.

  • BY 2035

    Carbon reduction targets are met across the group by utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. Renewable energy has been and will continue to be our primary focus.


Employing the most advanced control technology available to reduce lead emissions into the air, wastewater and stormwater, KESHEE began deployment of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters in our facilities over 10 years ago. Our systems produce air quality that is actually cleaner than what’s found in the surrounding atmosphere.

Energy Consveration

Our R&D program is on the cutting edge of new innovations in energy storage. Our role in advanced lead-based technology supports start-stop and other HEVs, smart electrical grid technology, and renewable energy generation like wind and solar power.